Giving & fundraising

We aim to aid you in changing people’s perception of giving to your church with a renewed focus on the Kingdom of God and on your local mission. We can also help you to look at developing the ways people give and how much they give.

The Generous Giving Adviser, Joshua Townson, is available to support you in all of these ways and to discuss any other questions you have about giving and generosity. You can contact him at or on telephone, on 01865 208 757.


In this section...

Parish Giving Scheme

Direct Debit regular giving with added benefits for your church.

Cashless giving

Receiving gifts and offerings over the internet.

QR Codes, contactless & mobile giving

Accepting donations by contactless debit and credit card.

Lotteries & raffles

Running Lotteries and 100 clubs.

Gift Aid & GASDS

Getting started with claiming Gift Aid & GASDS.

Legacy giving

Encouraging gifts left in wills.

Capital fundraising

Targeted fundraising for major projects.

Video tutorials

Guidance on everything you need to know.

You may also find our Nurturing Generosity pages helpful.

Joshua Townson

Generous Giving Adviser


01865 208 757

Page last updated: 5th April 2022 12:13 PM