Intercultural Mission Journal


How do we grow intercultural mission and ministry in the Church of England?

Download issue 1 (PDF)  Racial Justice in the Church

Pray today

Pray for Headington St Mary: For the start of an Alpha course in June. For our new curate, who starts in July, his wife & their children as they move & settle into Barton Park. For the Vicar, still with long COVID, & his wife, going through chemotherapy until the end of June.

A picture of hope 

A kingdom of healing and renewal in the natural world. A kingdom of justice as inequalities grow wider. A kingdom of peace in a world at war. A kingdom of welcome and a friend in need to the many who are in distress.

Surely Charles is king for such a time as this.

Lift up your hearts!

Every day we see people with their eyes glued to their devices, afraid of missing anything - yet actually missing everything.

But all of us can begin to live the power of the resurrection today if we set our minds on things above...

Living in Love & Faith

General Synod welcomed proposals to enable same-sex couples to receive God’s blessing after a civil marriage or civil partnership.

Diocese of Oxford bishops offer commentary and reflections on the Living in Love and Faith process.

Caring for creation

Interested in creation care but not sure where to start? Or started the journey and become stuck along the way?

Join diocesan bishops, the Environment Team and A Rocha UK to hear inspiring stories, work through challenges and share ideas.

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Space Makers for families

A brand new contemplation and reflection resource for families.

Using Space Makers for families, even the youngest children can take part, share reflections and guide the contemplative practices.

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