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The Bampton Lectures: 2022: The Age of Hitler, and how we can escape it

Tues 10th and Tues 17th May at University Church, Oxford

The age of Hitler is not the 1930s and 1940s: it is our own lifetimes. It is the period in which Western culture has come to define its values not by Christianity, but by the narrative of the Second World War. It is the period in which our most potent moral figure has been Adolf Hitler, and in which our only truly fixed moral reference point has been our shared rejection of Nazism. 

The prestigious Bampton Lectures are intellectually stimulating and often court controversy. This year's lectures take place at the University Church, Oxford on 10th and 17th May. You can register to attend the lectures, or listen to the recordings later on the University Church website.

Clergy Conference

7-9 June 2022 Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick

Wonderfully Made

BRF Festival of Prayer

Saturday 9th July at Ripon College Cuddesdon 10am - 4.35pm

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Past events

Missed an event or want to listen back to refresh your memory? Click on the titles below:

Blessed are the Placemakers

Andrew Rumsey, the Bishop of Ramsbury, leads us through some ‘ecclesiastical geography’, explores biblical themes of place and locality and how the parish system translated these into the English context, and helps us reflect on what that mean for us now.

Preaching on the cross

Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and known to many as the author NT Wright, offers a series of three talks to help inform our theology of the cross and how we might preach on it, particularly over Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Session 1

Hope Amid the Broken Signposts

Session 2

The Crown of Thorns and the Game of Thrones

Session 3

A Far, Far Better Thing: With his Stripes We are Healed

Preaching the Gospel of Mark

The Revd Dr Will Lamb, Vicar of the University Church in Oxford, offers a number of resources that explore some of the major themes that can help preachers connect Mark's gospel with the life of the Church and the world. Kindly hosted on the University Church website.

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