Quinquennial inspections

The conservation of the fabric of the church is crucial to ensuring that the building can continue to serve its congregation.

The quinquennial inspection (QI) plays a major part in the conservation of the building. The Diocese of Oxford scheme for quinquennial inspections is available here.

The list of inspectors known to be working within the diocese is available here

A church built after 1900 can appoint any architect or building surveyor recognised by the RIBA or the RICS. However, any church built before 1900 must appoint an inspector accredited in conservation by either the RIBA, RICS or AABC.

When making a new appointment, the PCC must seek the advice of the DAC on the proposed appointment. The form for doing this, and the criteria against which the DAC provides this advice, will be published shortly. A template letter of appointment for use by PCCs will be published shortly.

A comprehensive guidance note on quinquennial inspections, how to select an inspector and what to expect from the report is to be published shortly.

Page last updated: 13th April 2022 12:43 PM