Statistics for Mission

October attendance 2023

Churches in the Diocese of Oxford continue to make strides towards recovery following the Covid-19 lockdowns, returning to 84% of the 2019 level.

Statistics for Mission 2022 – what can we learn?

In the Diocese of Oxford, as across the rest of the Church of England, most measures of attendance and participation in 2022 were higher than in 2021 while remaining lower than in 2019.  

Post-Covid-19 Trends, Patterns and Possibilities

 Church Attendance in October 2022: Post-Covid-19 Trends, Patterns and Possibilities in the five dioceses of Canterbury, Chester, Guildford, Oxford and Leeds.

October attendance 2022

Building on our Easter 2022 analysis, we look at the October 2022 church attendance figures to see if growth has continued.

Easter attendance 2022

Analysis of the Easter 2022 attendance figures submitted to the Parish Return System. What do the figures tell us?

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