Ethical living

A hand holds a compass aloft as they look out onto a lake

How do we, as Christians, make everyday choices that match our ethical and moral values?

Pathways, our free magazine for the people in the Diocese of Oxford, explores a whole range of issues. Below is our pick of articles to inspire and guide you in your ethcal living.

If Jesus were chancellor

Can scripture speak to our ideals for our economy? Dr Justin Thacker explores three key principles to a moral economic framework.

The cost-of-living crisis

We asked our friends at Christians Against Poverty how we can support each other through this storm and what actions we can take. Here is their advice.

Don’t look away

Global warming, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, disease, poverty and war... Responding quickly and well is the greatest challenge of our age.

Addressing poverty and inequality

The imperative for Christian communities to engage in social action and social justice lies at the heart of our faith.

Go green for the sake of God's world

10 practical steps to help you go green and a reflection on the climate emergency.

Focus on pornography

Porn isn’t usually found in the pages of a church magazine, but it’s becoming a digital public health crisis.

One tunic or two?

Trying to live simply can, paradoxically, leave us scratching our heads with confusion.

Meat eating

Two Christians debate different perspectives on plant-based eating.

Tesco, ergo sum

Consumerism isn’t just about the usefulness of the goods we buy.

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