Exploring your vocation

Discerning God's calling to a particular role

Welcome! Whatever stage of your vocation journey, it is great to hear from you. You may have a clear idea of what God is calling you to, or you might just have an inkling or a 'nudge' from God. Vocation is the word we use when we talk about God calling us into a particular role.

Your vocation could be your paid employment, such as a teacher, office worker or almost anything else. If that is where God has called you to work and to be a Christian as you work, that is an important part of your Christian life and witness. Your vocation could be outside paid employment - your role as a parent, or helping with a youth group. For some people, God calls them to a more formal role within the church, either paid or unpaid: this could be as a vicar, chaplain, youth worker, lay preacher, joining a religious community or becoming an evangelist.

In the Diocese of Oxford, we have a team of Vocations Advisors trained to help you think through your sense of vocation; they have access to the information you need and can ask the questions that will help you understand your call and what it might mean to you, your family and the church. If you believe God is calling you to ordained ministry or lay ministry please speak to your vicar or chaplain and contact us and we will put you in touch with a Vocations Advisor. Have a look at the further reading list for links to resources which help you understand the options as you prayerfully consider what God is calling you to.

Meet the Diocesan Director of Ordinands

The Revd Dr Quentin Chandler is the lead Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO) in the Diocese of Oxford. In this role, he leads a seven-strong team of colleagues who work to help Christians explore lay and ordained vocations, and oversee them through the process of selection for ordination. Scroll down for details of vocations open evenings and events happening near you.

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How do we discover what God might be calling us to do in life? What has helped people with this? How can the Bible help? What can we look for? 

Our vocations events are opportunities to look at some of the resources that have led people to find their purpose in the Lord's service. They will help you to explore questions you have and think about what your next steps might be. No previous experience is required. They are open to anyone interested in learning more about their vocation. 

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Called to rural ministry?

19 February 2023, St John the Evangelist, Whitchurch

Almost all of our villages have a church - the challenge is running them! If you feel called to any kind of ministry, but particularly ministry in a rural setting, this day is for you. Bishops Alan and Gavin will be on hand, alongside the diocesan vocations team, to answer questions, share options and facilitate discussion.

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Vocations through the lens of disability & neurodivergence

25 February 2023, Church House Oxford

Meet and chat with people with first-hand experience of exploring their Christian calling through the lens of disability and neurodiversity.

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Called to lay ministry

Guidance on exploring a calling to lay ministry in the Diocese of Oxford.

Called to ordained ministry

Guidance on exploring vocations in ordained ministry .

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