Who told you?

Sir Hector Sants is the latest contributor to Who Told YouWho told you? is our ongoing series of stories from Christians about coming to faith as an adult and the people who helped them along the way. These stories act as an encouragement to people exploring their faith and also to Christians who've been around the church for many years who want to better encourage others. 

Many of the stories are featured in Pathways magazine. Share your story with us.

My gran told me....

Emma Major learnt about God from a grandmother who modelled by example

Judith Mount told me...

Twenty-five years ago, a knock on the door from the local priest saw the beginning of Lisa's faith and ministry journey.

Spring Harvest told me…

Teenager Ben shares his first experiences of faith at Spring Harvest aged 13.

Luke Taylor told me…

The Revd David Saunders shares the start of his faith journey months after being ordained deacon.

Patricia told me...

The Revd Ruth Harley shares how Patricia's warm welcome meant far more than a great proclamation of faith.

Dennis Birch told me...

Derek Walker shares his story of the influential people who helped his faith journey take an unexpected and transformational turn during his early teens.

The Alpha Course told me...

Coming into middle age saw Greg wondering what life was all about. A simple invitation from a friend started him on a journey of faith.

Abbot Stuart told me¦

When the Board of Finance chair went through a difficult patch it took time to recover. Abbot Stuart offered a route through.

My godmother told me¦

Stepping out of the familiar gave Matthew something he could truly feel part of.

Someone at a festival told me¦

Nour shares her experience of talking about Jesus with a stranger at a festival.

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