Diocesan property

Below you'll find helpful guidance on different aspects of diocesan property management.

If you're unsure of the ownership of a property, please contact the Glebe and Buildings Department on 01865 208 230 or via email.

FAQs for rented properties

Do you offer low-cost accommodation?
Like all charities we need an income to fulfill our charitable duties. One of the ways we can do this is by renting out our properties to the public. As a registered charity we must show that we have obtained the best market rent for all our lettings.
Who will hold my deposit for my tenancy?
Landlords and letting agents are required to register your deposit with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
The Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance (ODBF) registers with MyDeposits. The Deposit Protection Certificate will be sent to you together with MyDeposits' Information for Tenants guide within 30 days of your landlord receiving it.
Who should I pay my rent to?
A standing order mandate giving all the bank details will be sent in your “welcome to your new home” email.
Will the kitchen be fully fitted?
No, we let our properties unfurnished, which means no white goods (inc. no cooker).
What about curtains and blinds?
Unless there are curtains/blinds already hanging at the windows, you need to supply your own.
Do you accept pets?
We recognize that pets are much-loved members of many families. Landlord’s permission is required for tenants to keep any animal, bird or reptile in the property. Such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Can I decorate?
Of course! We have a decorating policy that we ask you to stick to. A copy of this can be sent on request.
Can I smoke in the house?
No. We have a strict no smoking policy in all our properties – this includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes, cigars etc.
Winter by the open fire sounds lovely. Can we use the fireplaces please? We are happy to pay for the chimney to be swept.
We all love a roaring fire but due to the risk of chimney fires, the diocese has a Do Not Use policy on all open fires and wood burners in our properties.
Alternatively, did you know that Netflix has a Fireplace for your Home channel where you can watch a log fire burn but have none of the risk?
Is there a TV aerial?
Not necessarily. Many families enjoy watching programs delivered by satellite and cable television stations. If you wish to install a satellite dish, please contact us before commissioning this as sometimes planning permission is required.
My garden is too large – can you send a gardener please?
It is your responsibility to maintain the garden. You can do this by undertaking the work yourself or paying someone to help you.
Most fruit trees, shrubs and dwarf varieties of deciduous/evergreen trees are your responsibility, however some do have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) so please do contact us before carrying out any work. All other trees are the responsibility of the diocese. Please let us know if you are concerned about any of the trees.
Can I plant new trees and shrubs?
No, please don’t. There is a concern about the effect of trees and shrubs on foundations and drains.
Please also ensure that ivy and other creeping plants, such as wisteria, virginia creeper, ivy etc., are not planted by the property and are removed from the masonry of the buildings.
Do you provide garden fences to control and retain family pets?
We don’t. We are not averse to you fitting the same provided you remove them at the end of the tenancy and make good any areas. Please let us know if you intend to do this.
Can I arrange for an electric vehicle (EV) charging point to be installed?
We have no objection for an EV charging point being fitted as long as:
  • You contact us to request permission before any works are carried out;
  • There will be no financial implications for the diocese;
  • You arrange for any works to be carried out by competent contractor in accordance with the current building and NICEIC electrical regulations;
  • If there are any upgrades required to the house electrical services for the EV charging point these would be at your cost;
  • Copies of the installation certificates are sent to the Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance for our records.

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