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A day in Narnia

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THE parallels between C. S.

Lewis's make-believe world and the real world we live in as Christians were explored as part of a Narnia Day at St Andrew's CE Primary School in Headington, Oxford.

In character: pupils pretend to be beavers from Narnia.

The day was led by Joy Howell, who wrote the material for the event, and organised by Barnabas, the children's section of the Bible Reading Fellowship.

Sue Fulford, marketing co-ordinator for Barnabas, said: "it was fabulous, a really successful day.

It was organised to coincide with the C. S.

Lewis Festival in Headington. "Headteacher, Jude Bennett, said: "Each class from Year 2 through to Year 6 then took part in an interesting, well presented and exciting practical workshop exploring the story and its characters, and understanding how C. S.

Lewis used the stories to illustrate some Christian beliefs and values.

The workshops began by exploring the personalities of the main characters; drama was used to effectively bring the characters alive for the children. "The C. S.

Lewis festival last month was a series of events to commemorate 50 years since the death of Holy Trinity, Headington Quarry's most famous parishioner. .

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