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AN ecumenical service in a barn has become a major event in the life of the Newbury Deanery. The barn service takes place on the property of farmer, Ian Brown, a church warden, at Chapel Farm, Leckhampstead.

"When it started there was a Methodist chapel in the village.

It was put on as an event to enable Christians from different denominations to have a worship time together.

It's evolved to the East and West Downland and the Lambourn Valley. "It's in a barn that is empty before the harvest, and we sit on chairs, although there are straw bales put out for the over flow," says the Revd Denise Brown, Newbury's Assistant Area Dean.

The Wantage Silver Band plays and an altar is made from straw bales for the service and the congregation can look across at the Downlands during the celebration of creation and the countryside and all of the gifts that God gives us. "We have invited preachers from different denominations to come," says Denise.

"One of the monks from Douai Abbey came this year. "Seven or eight years ago we had a service that was rather damp and the sun came out, but as the door was being wound up it rained some more and God provided a rainbow as we were looking out over the downs. " ;

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