Come and See

Abstract illustration of a person getting out of their box and looking beyond the walls they're within. Come and See text.

Who is it for and when is it happening?

Come and See takes place during Lent each year. It's our big, warm open invitation to everyone, for everyone for an adventure in faith and trust. It’s something for the local church and the whole community... including children and young people, families and schools. It's completely free and all are welcome. This year Come and See starts on Ash Wednesday, 22 February 2023.

What does it involve?

We send you a short email each day, Monday to Saturday. And on Sundays during Lent you receive a short video from Bishop Steven exploring the theme for Come and See that year in a bit more detail. Each email begins with a short passage of text from the Bible. If you've never opened a Bible before, please don't worry, just go with the flow as you settle in to the journey.

What about children and families?

Every person has a part to play in sharing God’s love for the world through their actions. That's why we have a separate weekly email for children and families, and separate materials for teachers, and children, youth and family leaders too. Children and schools materials include films from our school chaplains, and access to some of the contemplative practices from our Space Makers toolkit.

How do I register?

Sign up for the Come and See emails using one of the buttons below.

Register for daily Come and See emailsChildren and families registration (weekly emails)

How do schools, churches and volunteers find out more?

  • I am a member of clergy or a lay leader in my church
    Church organisers interested in offering Come and See for adults in their parishes can register here and will receive all relevant materials by 15 January, including access to materials for schools. 
  • I am a teacher/teaching assistant/school head
    Church schools will automatically be sent teaching materials by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education (ODBE). If your school is a non-church school but would like to receive the Come and See materials, please register to receive ODBE emails here.
  • I am a children and families worker or youth worker/I volunteer with children and youth
    Paid children and families/youth workers are automatically sent the leaders' guide for Come and See. If you volunteer to run Sunday groups or other CYF work in your church, please register here for the leaders' guide.


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