Faith stories

Angeline looks to camera - clip from video

We all have big questions about faith, whether it’s brand new to us or something we’re re-examining years down the line. In this section, Christians share their experience of God at work in their lives - sometimes the best way to find answers is to come and see them for yourself. 

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Heather's story

Heather always felt like something was missing in her life. Then, in her darkest moments, faith shone a light. Come and see what faith has to offer...



Carol's story

Coming back to faith gave Carol a rock to stand on when ill health turned her world around. An invitation to Come and See online made all the difference.



James' story

Sometimes we think we're saying and doing all the right things - but is that truly what it means to follow Jesus? Come and see...



Angeline, Leiola and Rachelle's story

Life can feel overwhelming. Things don’t always go the way we’d planned, and sometimes moving forward can be difficult. But you don’t need to face life alone. Faith can keep you going. Come and see...



Jim's story

There's a temptation when something feels familiar to take it for granted. But faith can surprise you, even 40 years down the line. Jim shares his story of exploring Christianity – a lifelong adventure in faith and trust. 

There’s always more to learn. Come and see...



Greg's story

Coming into middle age saw Greg wondering what life was all about. A simple invitation from a friend started him on a journey of faith. There were no big bolts of lightning – just the quiet hope of being part of something bigger. 

There is more to life than meets the eye. Come and see...



Matthew's story

Matthew was brought up in a Christian household, familiar with the rhymes and rhythms of attending church each week. But it wasn’t until he stepped out of the familiar that he found something he truly felt a part of.

Come and see...



Nour's story

Nour had heard people say that ‘Jesus died for her’. But that left her with one big question – why me? Finding the answer transformed her life.

Come and see...


Dom and Katie's story

Discovering Jesus saved Dom's life. He then met Katie, an atheist, and, together they discovered the Christian faith afresh. This powerful testimony is the first in a series of 'Come and See' short films from the Diocese of Oxford.

Come and see...

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