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Join 'The Big IF' for an end to world hunger

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A QUARTER of a million flowers will be planted to create a giant image as a reminder to G8 leaders that 2013 could be the beginning of the end of hunger.

Waving their spinning flowers are members of St James' Church, Cowley, Oxford.

Christians from the Oxford Diocese will be among thousands of people who will take 'spinning flowers' to fill the empty image in Hyde Park during The Big IF on 8 June - an event to kickstart Enough Food for Everyone IF's 10-day campaign in the lead up to the G8 summit.

Others will be supporting the IF campaign in other ways, including a national fast. The campaign is focused around David Cameron's Hunger Summit on 8 June, his Tax and Transparency Summit on 15 June and the G8 itself from 17 to 18 June.

IF calls for a fairer world through a clampdown on tax havens, support for poorer families to have adequate nutrition and to grow their own food, transparency and an end to land grabs.

(See page 11 for a personal account of land grabs in Ethiopia. )Margaret Dykes runs a Traidcraft stall at Chalfont St Giles Church in Buckinghamshire.

Margaret took part in 2005's Make Poverty History demonstrations and was one of hundreds of campaigners who dressed in George Osborne suits before this year's budget, for a publicity stunt in London calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to stick to Government commitments on aid and tax. Margaret said: "I was involved in a Traidcraft campaign that was stopped because the UK Government cut the grant for it.

As Christians and as humans I don't think we have any choice but to care for those who supply us with goods and we should pay the right amount of money for our food. It's not so much about what Fair Trade does for people, but about what the kind of trade that isn't fair doesn't do for them. "Margaret Brown, who worships at St Nicolas, Earley, is the Reading link person for the IF fast which takes place on 6 June.

She said: "I am concerned about families and children going hungry and about the fact that there is so much excess food in some parts of the world and so much need in other parts of the world.

When I heard about the fast I felt it was something I could do in a very small way to stand in solidarity with others. "Sue Brett, of St Luke's, Maidenhead, was planning a youth event, with banner-making, a meal and fruit and produce from other countries.

She said: "I set up an independent food bank a couple of years ago.

Food is a big issue for me and I have started a petition about how much food gets wasted.

We have community meals for people who can't always feed themselves and a breakfast club for children. "For more on the IF Campaign see www. enoughfoodforeveryoneif. org and to find out more about our diocesan food campaign, linking food and spirituality, see www. foodmatters. org. uk/

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