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A Camel Came to School

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"Herds of camels will come. . .

bearing gold and frankincense. . . " Isaiah 60:6.

IT is not every day that a camel joins a class of school children.

But in the run up to Christmas, Kokoso the Dromedary camel dropped in to Burchetts Green C of E Primary School to meet children to literally bring the nativity story alive. Children were excited as the humpbacked creature arrived in a vehicle the size of a coach.

Villagers of all ages were invited to meet the camel and cars and tractors stopped to take pictures when they spotted Kokoso. "It is so lovely to see a big animal up close. " Headteacher, Delia Sheppard, said:"Traditionally the camel is included in the Nativity story as transport for the wise men as they journey to Bethlehem in search of a new king.

Like the many storiesof journeys in world religions, including the Islam 'Hajj' which the children studied last term, the journey of the wise men allows the children to reflect on the concept that we are all on life's journey. "The owners told the children the nativity story, explaining how people used to travel on camels and talked a bit about camel biology. "They were given the chance to pet and stroke him if they wanted to," said Delia.

It was a really exciting day and it had a real impact on the community.

It is so lovely to see a big animal up close. We told the Village Association and people from the community came along. We had children who aren't yet old enough for school visiting too.

"One child asked whether camels spit and Kokoso's owner said that they only spit if they are not treated well.

He assured the children that Kokoso never spits. "Dromedary or Arabian camels are pack animals that have been domesticated for more than 3,500 years.

They are known for having just one hump, but that hump can store up to 36kgs of fat that can be turned into energy and water in desert conditions. While they can go for long periods of time without eating or drinking, they can drink 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes.

They can carry heavy loads for up to 25 miles a day.

The eHarmony camel

Television veiwers may recognise Kokoso from the eHarmony advert in which a man sits on a sofa with his 'suitable' online dating match - a camel.

He is from Joseph's Amazing Camels, a company that specialises in camels, arranging Three King performances at Christmas, as well as providing camels for television shows, special events and sports activities. For more on Kokoso and his friends visit www. jacamels. co. uk.

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