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Church designs labyrinth space for people to find God

In the churchyard at Holy Trinity, Prestwood there was a small, secluded area that was in need of something – something to make the area intentionally prayerful. 

The Rector, the Revd Deiniol Heywood, explains: “Labyrinths are a prayer resource that anyone can engage with. They are part of a broad tradition of prayerful Christian engagement that reaches out to people where they are. The labyrinth draws us in and offers us an experience of God that is as fresh and contemporary today as when the floor of Chartres Cathedral was laid. It is a joy to see the people of Prestwood, young and old, find God in this new way.”

Working alongside Chiltern Way Academy, which supports the complex needs of students with educational, health and care plans with a primary diagnosis of autistic spectrum condition, a labyrinth was designed and constructed in this space, creating a quiet and contemplative area for members of the community to come. Labyrinths form part of an ancient Christian tradition, designed to represent the pilgrimage journey to Jerusalem and the Holy Land – something that historically all Christians were to undertake. 

Labyrinths have often been mistaken for mazes, but they have a very important distinction – there are no dead ends. Instead, they have a purposeful path that leads you to the centre, even if at times it may feel like you are going the wrong way! There is only one path, which symbolises our journey through life and towards God, including those times when it feels like we are going the wrong way. The labyrinth offers an opportunity of meditation to those of all faiths, cultures, and traditions.

Since its opening, the labyrinth has been used to help young people preparing for first communion and confirmation to explore different styles of prayer, at the light party as young people (and adults) learnt about Jesus as the light of the world and followed the light to centre of the labyrinth. 

Resources are available online via the QR code on the sign or in printed form in the Church. There are guided meditations for those new to praying a labyrinth or suggestions for those seeking something else. Further resources will be added for different Church seasons, or particular events that people may wish to pray for. It is hoped that members of the local community use this as a contemplative and meditative tool.

Page last updated: Thursday 2nd May 2024 12:36 PM
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