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A commemoration of war in Wingrave

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by Sarah KennedyA SMILE at a solemn summer service came to our faces as we watched the children from Wingrave School sing the poignant songs from the Great War of 1914 - 18 …. .

and somehow we were all inspired by a feeling of hope at a sad commemoration of the dead. Wingrave Parish Church was packed on the 4 August with people who wanted to share the nation's commemoration of this tragic war, in which 956,703 British and Empire soldiers gave their lives in what was supposed to be the war to end all wars.

The service was led by Revd Helen Barnes and the Revd Siv Tunnicliffe and there were readings from newspaper articles from that time, a recital by Ray Charman of the poem 'For the Fallen', Bible readings and hymns associated with acts of remembrance.

The British Legion banner was presented and a wreath was placed on the memorial plaque. The Rt Revd Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, gave the address in which he referred to the Bucks Yeomanry and to the display in the Church of photographs of 'Wingrave soldiers'.

Bishop Alan recited all the19 names listed on the Memorial Plaque and stressed where families had lost more than one member.

Somehow this brought it 'all home' … our Parish had given, lost, and deeply grieved for the young men who had been a vibrant part of the Parish community. 100 years later the Parish came in to Church on a summer's evening to remember them.

The children with their happy carefree singing touched our hearts and how those soldiers would have enjoyed the songs! ;

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