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Finding love at an RE teachers' conference

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LUCIE Cook was not expecting to meet her future husband on an RE course for teachers from Church of England Schools. For a start, as Lucie points out, there are not that many guys in primary education.

"There seem to be even fewer Christian guys in primary education, so meeting Oliver was a big surprise," says Lucie. But Lucie, a teacher at Eton Wick Church of England First School, was introduced to Oliver Strange, who was working at Benson CE School at the time.

"We were introduced by the wonderful Jo Fageant, the course leader for the day, who discovered that we had a mutual friend.

This was a lady called Isobel Vale, who had been an RE advisor for the Diocese of Oxford, who was also his godmother and had been a well known family friend of my parents. " Oliver reminisces "It was a lovely surprise to meet Lucie on the course and an even better surprise that even after my fumbled words to her on that day, she wanted to meet up again. "They didn't see each other for a few months but eventually met up again, spending the day in Oxford.

"We met up at first in the May and started going out in the November," says Lucie.

"The Oxford Belfry, where the course took place, is such an important place for us; I took Lucie back there to propose to her," says Oliver. The couple were married on August 4 at St Mary's Church, Maidenhead.

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