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Friends stitched together to make light quilt

A group of Ducklington church crafters, including asylum seekers living locally, have come together to produce a quilt for Candlemas.

The sewing project was the idea of the Creation Group at St Bartholemew’s church which meets every two weeks for fellowship while crafting. They decided to work together to produce a piece of art which could be displayed in the church. 

Maria Skoyles, who led the project, said: “We talked about Christmas and about Jesus being the light of the world and how thankful we were for our faith and it spread from there. There is something really special about Jesus’ love. For us as Christian’s it is not just about Christmas, his love goes on and on.”

Each sewer was given a square to create which once assembled, formed a ray of light. More than half of the 35 squares were created by women living locally in an asylum seeker hotel.

Maria added: “This project was also about showing people the love and compassion needed for humanity, by involving all members of our community.”

The quilt, currently on display in the church, will be raffled at a community event to raise funds for Asylum Welcome, a local charity which supports those coming to live in the area. And there are plans to create more collaborative projects, so watch this space. 

Page last updated: Thursday 8th February 2024 12:03 PM
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