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Giving parents the chance to talk

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Monday, 24 November 2014. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

Parents are getting the chance to relax and unwind after dropping their children off at school thanks to an initiative in Stanford-in-the-Vale. Vicar, the Revd Paul Eddy, was inspired to set up Oasis and Parent Talk by his wife, who pointed out that after spending a weekend with their four children, then doing the school run on a Monday morning, the chance to socialise with other parents would be welcome. So from January Oasis has provided a space for parents and carers to meet, have coffee, bacon butties and a chat.

"We advertised it through our CofE primary school and 12 mums came along.

We have a number of women who do part-time jobs, one is a part time GP and one is a child minder," says Paul.

"They are mums who might never come to the church for a service and it is run by four women from the church who see it as their ministry. "As a result we have helped in all sorts of practical ways in family situations and from that have felt it was right to support families in parenting. " The church is now planning to run parenting classes especially giving dads the chance to join in. "When I arrived I asked the question of how I can reach out to families and support them.

There are 200 children in the primary school and we have helped families with all sorts of problems.

We have helped mums with hospital appointments," said Paul.

"We have a couple who are on the Christians Against Poverty course to train to give debt advice and support.

The contacts we have made has allowed us to help our community with health problems, marriage problems and all sorts of other issues. "It's also allowed people who may not regularly attend church to think about getting their children baptised, or holding a thanksgiving service for their youngsters.

Some parents can't make the commitment of weekly church attendance so they don't want to make the Baptism vows but they are delighted to have a thanksgiving service," says Paul.

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