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Pray for people caught up in the Peshawar terrorist attack

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Tuesday, 16 December 2014. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

BELOW is a message from Insar Gohar, the Youth Coordinator for the Diocese of Peshawar, part of the Church of Pakistan. Our city PeshDear Friends & Prayer Partners!awar is once again under the terrorists attack, a school has been attacked by the terrorists and about 132 school children and teachers have been killed and many other are injured.

The parents of the children are in a deep grief and whole of the environment in Peshawar is under terror and under grief. The situation in our city is very tense and all the major roads within the city are blocked and people have been struck on the way and some of the schools and college students are struck in their schools, as the schools administration is not allowing the children to go to their homes, unless their parents come and parents are not finding ways to get there.

My niece is also in her college and we are trying to bring her to our home. This reminded the Christians of Peshawar, of the last year's attack on All Saints' Church and they are crying with the parents of today's deceased children. Please pray for all this situation and protection of our city and for peace in our region.


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