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St Luke's rises like a Phoenix from the ashes

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Tuesday, 18 February 2014. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

THE headteacher of St Luke's CE Primary School in Maidenhead has described how it has risen "like a phoenix from the flames" out of Special Measures to become classified by OFSTED as good. Hard work has paid off after Government inspectors praised the improvements made at the school, where they stated: "Pupils enjoy school, work hard and have very positive attitudes to school life.

They respect and appreciate each other and make new arrivals to the school feel welcome. "Among a host of positive comments the inspectors praised the pupils' maths skills, especially the ability to perform calculations and develop efficient methods.

"They successfully learn hwo to collect and use data and gain awreness of shape, space and measures," the report stated. The quality of teaching was described as good, with teachers building good relationships with pupils.

"Classrooms are lively and inviting and there are useful rsources on display in classrooms, which pupils readily use. "Behaviour was and attitude to learning was described as good with pupils stating that they felt safe in school.

Inspectors put the improvemetns at the school down to good leadership.

They said: "The headteacher and her senior team have established a clear, successful vision for the school and a determined drive to raise achievement which has produced impressive improvements in a short space of time. "Amanda Hough, headteacher, said: "I am incredibly proud of the whole school community and in particular our amazing pupils and passionate, hardworking staff.

Everyone has worked incredibly hard to guide St Luke's from Special Measures to good in less than two years.

The journey has been incredibly challenging but the results have been worth every late night and long weekend. "St Luke's has had a negative reputation in the past but like a phoenix it has risen from the flames to become, I hope, a school of choice for the local community.

Our results were fantastic last year and we are determined to ensure that all of the children who pass through our doors have the best chance and start in life, together we can achieve excellence. "I am incredibly thankful to our new governors and Chair, Fiona Craig, for believing in us and in our desire to make St Luke's a good community school.

They are a great asset to St Luke's and a team, whom I know, will help the school in moving to outstanding. " ;

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