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When Year Three went to Christ Church

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Monday, 14 April 2014. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

by Claudia and LukasOn 26 February 2014 Year Three of St Nicolas School Taplow went to Oxford's Cathedral at Christ Church to learn about the cathedral and what they do! The cathedral is a yellow sandstone brick building which is very old and special.

The patterns on the windows are beautiful.

It is very large and wide.

It is magnificently magical with gold all over the bishop's throne.

We liked seeing the windows because it was amazing because the windows were magic.

It was all grey outside but inside it was very bright and colourful.

We enjoyed hearing the story about St Frideswide a girl who helped the poor and became a nun.

There is a beautiful window telling the story. The cathedral's life all starts at 6 o'clock when the verger comes in and opens the doors to light the candles and prepares for the first service of the day.

We looked at a PowerPoint and learnt the timetable of what they do which was very interesting and it starts very early! We learnt a lot about the church organisation with the bishops and that they wear a pointy hat that represents the flame of the Holy Spirit.

We even got to dress up in the clothes that they wear which was very funny!We had a small service in the Cathedral.

We sang a hymn, our favourite, 'Here I am Lord'.

Eight lucky people got to say our class prayers that we wrote.

Father John sang "Lord in your mercy" and we sang "Hear our prayer" back.

When we had the blessing, Father John said holy things about us.

We felt special because we got to do that.

We were honoured to be presented with our own Bibles.

We felt really lucky and we felt we were going to burst because it was fun and very exciting. What we thought and how we felt: Very excited, it was a very magical experience.

Year 3 loved the church and we think everyone else would enjoy it too.

The trip went very well and we thought God would always be with us in our hearts and we know God will be with us all the time no matter what we do.

We were shocked about how much gold there was! The bishop must be really lucky to have a golden throne.

Claudia and Lukas are pupils at St Nicolas School.

If your school would like to book a day out at Oxford's Cathedral at Christ Church, contact Jim Godfrey on jim. godfrey@chch. ox. ac. uk or call 01865 276154. ;

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