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Prospering communities in Abingdon

First published on: 19th May 2022

Bishop Steven spends an afternoon with clergy in the Abingdon Deanery, visiting two youth work charities and joining lay leaders for an evening of conversation.

Awards for distinguished service to the church

First published on: 16th May 2022

Four Honorary Canons installed at Christ Church Cathedral and two people admitted to The Order of St Frideswide by the Bishop of Oxford, on 14 May.

Church and community in Amersham

First published on: 11th May 2022

Bishop Steven visits the Amersham Deanery, meeting with those involved in the local response to the Ukraine crisis.

Unique Cathedral service remembers and repents historic anti-Jewish church laws

First published on: 10th May 2022

Faith leaders gathered for a special service at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday 8 May marking 800 years since anti-Jewish laws were introduced by the medieval church at the Synod of Oxford in 1222.

Fanning the Flames in Wycombe

First published on: 9th May 2022

Bishop Steven travelled to the Wycombe Deanery on Thursday 28 April, a family of 35 churches spread across 28 rural and urban parishes in High Wycombe.

A still small voice

First published on: 4th May 2022

At over halfway through his deanery visits around the diocese, Bishop Steven joined clergy and lay people in the Cowley Deanery on Wednesday 27 April.

The Bishop of Oxford visits Bicester eco-town

First published on: 11th April 2022

Bishop Steven visited the Bicester & Islip Deanery, meeting clergy and local lay leaders and visiting the Elmsbrook eco-town and Park Farm.

Bishop Steven in the Wallingford Deanery

First published on: 6th April 2022

Bishop Steven joined clergy, young people, and leaders of other church denominations for an afternoon of listening, learning and table football.

Adventure Plus in the Witney Deanery

First published on: 5th April 2022

Bishop Steven spends a day with clergy and laity in the Witney Deanery, visiting the hosts of the diocesan youth weekend away to plant a tree.

Talks and trains in the Newbury Deanery

First published on: 28th March 2022

Bishop Steven visits the Newbury Deanery, meeting with clergy and laity and taking a ride on a mini electric train.

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