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Prayers for the Philippines

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This is a text-only version of an article first published on Tuesday, 12 November 2013. Information shown on this page may no longer be current.

Bishop John has called on people to remember the long-term suffering of the people in the Philippines in the aftermath of Hurricane Haiyan."This tragedy leads the news for a few days and then disappears but the personal and social reconstruction will take years," he said."I trust that our prayers and our giving will reflect the latter timescale rather than the former.

These are brothers and sisters in the human race made in the image of God and loved unconditionally."May we hold that perspective in the aftermath of this disaster as we support them in every way we can."At the same time the Archbishop of Canterbury has sent a message of support to the people of the Philippines, and the Church of England has published a prayer for those suffering."O loving Creator, bring healing and hope to those who, at this time, grieve, suffer pain, or who have been made homeless by the force of flood in Philippines. "We remember those who have died and we pray for those who mourn for them. "May we all be aware of Your compassion, O God, which calms our troubled hearts and shelters our anxious souls. "May we pray with humility with our troubled and struggling brothers and sisters on earth.

May we dare to hope that through the generosity of the privileged, the destitute might glimpse hope, warmth and life again. "Through our Saviour Christ who lives with us, comforts us and soothes us.

Amen."The Disasters Emergency Committee , which represents a number of leading UK relief charities, has launched a joint appeal for donations.

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