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CHURCH wardens' evenings give these essential volunteers from the Chipping Norton Deanery the chance to get together and share good practice, get informal training and generally support each other.

The evenings take place three times a year.

James Walsmsley, a church warden from St Mary's, Shipton-under-Wychwhood, said: "One of the key benefits of the church wardens' meetings is that we get to know one another and are able to share information about our experiences in our own parishes.

Individuals find that what they thought were unique problems are often similar to those experienced by others in different churches.

"A good example was the churchwardens ' meeting which covered fundraising.

Many examples were given of the numerous ways that different churches had raised funds.

This provided new ideas for many attending and a knowledge of how successful certain events had proved. Conversely others were able to say that some things had been tried and did not work well.

Thus, much time and effort could be avoided by not reinventing the wheel again. "

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