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CHRISTIAN Outreach In Newbury Schools (COINS) is a charity, supported by local Christians and churches, seeking to communicate Jesus's love and the Gospel message to the children of Newbury and the surrounding area, writes Tanya Wolak. COINS is affiliated to Scripture Union and comprises a team of three paid part-time workers from different churches in Newbury and several volunteers.

They run Christian clubs in nine primary schools and five secondary schools, with more clubs waiting to happen.

The majority of children who come to these know very little about the Christian faith (although the difference in knowledge of children from church schools is notable).

Games, food and discussing the Gospel are all part of the clubs and it is amazing how interested and animated the children become.

They are hungry to know more, and even hungrier for relationship. Many schools use us regularly for assemblies, and so we are always kept on our knees praying for inspiration to get the message across in an engaging way. This term I was also asked to do a talk for one school's Founders' Day service, which involved speaking to 500 young people and 50 staff in one go.

We always have at least 12 primary schools at our special events at Christmas and Easter for Year Six pupils and we go to visit them in the summer to run "It's Your Move!" - our transition event to help them prepare for secondary school.

We give each child the Scripture Union book of the same name.

We are all passionate about our work, and the privilege we have to take the Good News of Jesus into schools. Tanya Wolak is the team leader of COINS.

Email info@coinsnewbury. org for more information.

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