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Information for supporters | Інформація для волонтерів

There are loads of other ways you can help - whether it's picking up a family from the airport, helping with paperwork for the GP or local schools, or being a friendly face they can talk to in a difficult time.

We are co-ordinating the support across the diocese with the help of deanery leads - the go-to person for hosts and helpers in each deanery. Most deaneries now have a lead person, and all hosts who have already received guests have been linked with their deanery lead where possible. We are in the process of connecting deanery leads with people who have offered support, and they will be in touch. 

If you'd like to help in any way, we would love to hear from you! We can connect you with a local group who are hosting a family so you can give support where it's most needed. Let us know you're interested. If you speak Russian and/or Ukrainian, we'd love you to join our growing team of volunteer translators and interpreters.

Learning English is a really important skill to help our new guests settle in and find independence. Could you help? Through Language Learning Links, local people are supporting newly arrived people to learn English, gain skills and settle into their new community - find out more now.


Resources and stories

Find a full list of resources on our hosts page, along with moving stories from Ukrainians, hosts and supporters across the Diocese of Oxford.

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